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Pino Strong

Pino Strong

Welocity Pino Strong is one of the most powerful triple action antioxidant, scientifically formulated from a unique combination of world's three finest antioxidants - pine bark extract, grape seed extract and resveratrol.

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Ultimate Antioxidant: PinoStrong

Welocity Pino Strong is one of the most powerful triple action antioxidant, scientifically formulated from a unique combination of world's three finest antioxidants - pine bark extract, grape seed extract and resveratrol. It not only helps in preventing the damages caused by the free radicals being an extraordinary antioxidant, it also provides numerous other health benefits and ensures overall wellbeing due to its powerful healing properties.

Make Welocity PinoStrong a part of your daily diet and experience the goodness and abundance of nature's natural reservoir and holistic wellness. But before we understand the health benefits of PinoStrong, let us try to understand a couple of basic health concepts:

What are Free Radicals?

Free radicals, also called oxidants, are atoms or groups of atoms with odd (unpaired) number of electrons which are usually formed when oxygen interacts with certain molecules. Once formed these highly reactive radicals can start a chain reaction and grow quite fast. Free radicals are formed in the human body to help fend off viruses and microbes, but if they exceed a limit, can cause serious damage and contribute to certain cancers and heart diseases. Air pollution, alcoholism, smoking and junk food are some of the known causes of free radicals in human body. They can only be effectively prevented by consuming adequate amount of anti-oxidants.

What are Anti-oxidants?

Antioxidant is a defense mechanism created by our body to prevent the damages of free radicals. Anti-oxidants naturally occur in many plant-based foods such as fruits and vegetables. In order to stay healthy and avoid the potential dangers of free radicals it is only wise for us to provide our body with antioxidants on a regular basis and create a perfect balance between them. Antioxidants nourish our cells and protect us from many diseases naturally.

Welocity Pino Strong: Triple Action Antioxidant Powerhouse

Welocity Pino Strong veggie capsules are a perfect combination of worlds' three finest and richest super antioxidant active ingredients - pine bark extract, grape seed extract and resveratrol. While each active ingredient is an antioxidant powerhouse, a well-researched perfect blend of these three powerful antioxidants makes Welocity Pino Strong one of the best formulations, uniquely formulated by Welocity, that may not-only keep healthy people healthy but-also help sick people regain better health. Traditional uses of a number of years and many scientific studies have shown that these active ingredients are extremely helpful in maintaining good health.

Pine Trees and its History

Pine trees are the most common coniferous trees worldwide (with 1 to 11 inches long blue to dark green needles) numbering around 100 species. These evergreen trees with lateral branches grow up to 150 feet tall and form large forests characterized by wide open areas with sunlight spilling to the forest floor. Pines are sun-loving trees that do not grow well under shady conditions. Maritime pine is a popular species that grows exclusively along the coast of southwest France. Most of these trees live in the Northern Hemisphere and Europe and live over 100 years.

History of Pine Bark Extract and its Phenomenal Powers

Pine bark extract comes from the inner bark of the Pinus pinaster tree. Its health benefits were found some 500 years back. In 1534, when famous French explorer Jacques Cartier's ship was stranded in ice near Quebec, Canada, its crew fell extremely ill from scurvy, an extreme lack of vitamin C. A Quebec Indian suggested Cartier's crew to try a tea made from pine bark, which gave them huge relief. Later, Jacques Masquelier, a French researcher discovered the seemingly omnipotent antioxidant within the pine bark extract and realized why this natural remedy was so effective. He learned how those antioxidants increase the absorption of Vitamin C.

Continued research showed that the pine bark contained flavonoids and bioflavonoid, which holds tissue-repairing properties. Masquelier was easily able to create a pine bark extract and discovered OPCs (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidin Compounds), which are not just anti-oxidants but are amazing compounds having anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-carcinogenic, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties. Today, OPCs found in the pine bark extract are so widely used for treating various conditions from diabetes and sexual function to sports performance and beautiful skin.

Grape Seed Extract: Your Wellness Friend

Grape seed extract is the second active ingredient of Welocity PinoStrong that is very rich in antioxidant properties. The grape seed extract is derived from large amount of grapes obtained from wine manufacturers. Grape seeds have been historically used as a traditional remedy for many serious conditions including heart and blood vessels, blood pressure, cholesterol and poor blood circulation. They are believed to provide relief for a number of complications related to diabetes such as nerve and eye damage, vision problems such as macular degeneration (which can cause blindness), swelling after an injury or surgery, cancer prevention and wound healing.

The Amazing Power of Resveratrol

One of the most popular active ingredients of Welocity PinoStrong is a remarkable substance called resveratrol. Resveratrol is a substance present in foods such as the skin of red grapes and peanuts but is most famously found in red wine. These flavonoids are great for protecting the heart and inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. Research has found that resveratrol is able to stop cancer growth at all three of its stages: initiation, promotion and progression. Resveratrol is also good for inhibiting the clumping of white blood cells and heart diseases.

The Most Potent combination of OPCs

What makes pine bark, grape seed extract and resveratrol the most celebrated antioxidant is the presence of OPCs (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidin Compounds) - a set of bioflavonoid complexes. Welocity PinoStrong is one of the richest sources of OPCs that makes it one of the world's best premium antioxidants. OPCs are not just anti-oxidants that eliminate free radicals from the body but are also,







While OPCs found in PinoStrong are primarily known for their antioxidant-producing benefits, it may also help reduce muscle soreness, help improve conditions relating to poor blood circulation, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, diabetes, ADHD, female reproductive issues, skin, erectile dysfunction, eye disease and sports stamina. OPC, have been found to inhibit lipid peroxidation, platelet aggregation, capillary permeability and fragility and affect enzyme systems, which basically means it may be a natural treatment for many serious health conditions, such as stroke and heart disease too.

Health Benefits of Welocity PinoStrong

PinoStrong may help prevent the damage caused by the free radicals and may help reduce the risk of developing cancer. Since it contains high levels of compounds (procyanidin dimers) it may act as aromatase inhibitors. This is likely to be another way of helping prevent cancer, specifically hormone-dependent breast cancer. Aromatase, an enzyme, converts androgen to estrogen and is expressed at higher levels in breast cancer tissues than normal tissues. Many types of breast cancer are fueled by estrogen, which is why some chemotherapy drugs work by inhibiting the activity of aromatase. Grape seed extract may exert similar effects naturally. Also, grape seed extract may help prevent damage to human liver cells caused by chemotherapy medications.
PinoStrong may be is beneficial for a number of cardiovascular conditions. It may help in poor blood circulation and high cholesterol. The antioxidants, including flavonoids, linoleic acid, and phenolic procyanidins, in grape seed extract may help protect your blood vessels from damage, which may help prevent high blood pressure. Grape seed extract has previously been shown to help dilate blood vessels and was shown to lower blood pressure in people with metabolic syndrome (most of whom also had pre-hypertension). Another study found that a grape seed extract improved blood pressure in people with pre-hypertension; while a single dose of grape seed extract improved blood pressure in hypertensive rats. There's strong evidence that grape seed extract is beneficial for a number of cardiovascular conditions.

With its anti-diabetic effects, Pine bark extract is believed to immensely help diabetic patients, in significantly lowering sugar levels and improve their endothelial function. Similarly, Grape seed extract administered along with exercise training improved lipid profile, weight loss, blood pressure and other diabetic complications better than either intervention administered alone. According to researchers, the grape seed extract with exercise training may constitute a convenient and inexpensive therapeutic approach to diabetic complications. Slight evidence suggests grape seed extract may also be beneficial for

Improving night vision

Treating hemorrhoids

Protecting against oxidative rancidity and bacterial pathogens

Protecting collagen and elastin in your skin causing anti-aging effects

From our extensive cross-verification studies we have found from multiple authentic sources that the three most effective substances for boosting immunity are pine bark, grape seed extract and resveratrol. These bioflavonoids hook up with vitamin C and help to boost immune function of the body creating a stronger resistance for diseases.
Antioxidants found in Pine bark extract are believed to kill damaging free radicals and eliminate them, ultimately preventing diseases. Studies that have been conducted on people who underwent abdominal surgery to determine if the pine bark extract could help reduce the inflammation and the outcome showed significant healing when compared to those subjects who were not given any drug or remedy, concluding that pine bark may be an effective remedy for healing of surgery-related lesions.
Pine bark extract helps stop the spread of prostate cancer cells that also causes apoptosis (cell death) among prostate cancer cells. Many studies across the world have shown that Pine bark extract has powerful effects on prostate cancer cells as it was helping reduce proliferation of harmful cells and even promote cell death, via down-regulation of the expression of the androgen receptors. Studies have also found that grape seed extracts may also prevent the growth of breast, stomach, colon, prostate, and lung cancer cells in test tubes.
PinoStrong may also help in erectile dysfunction in men. Pine bark extract is believed to have a direct effect in stimulating nitric oxide (NO) production in endothelial cells in the body which line the smooth muscle of the male reproductive organs. This in turn may have a very powerful effect on endothelial dysfunction, not just erectile dysfunction.
PinoStrong may also increase sperm morphology and considered to be a safe, effective, and less-invasive alternative to in-vitro fertilization, among other more expensive, risky therapies.
There is growing challenge with skin exposure to ultraviolet radiation and the dilemma of how to get vitamin D from the sun while avoiding these skin-damaging rays. Pine bark is believed to offers photo protection. It may be also used to reduce hyper pigmentation of human skin while improving the "skin barrier function and extracellular matrix homeostasis."
The more research that emerges on grape seeds, the more it becomes clear they have wide-reaching health benefits. Grape seeds have been shown to improve flexibility in joints, arteries and body tissues such as your heart, for instance. Grape seed also helps improve blood circulation by strengthening capillaries, arteries and veins.
Studies suggest grape seed extract may reverse hippocampal dysfunction in the brain by reducing oxidative stress and preserving mitochondrial function. Grape seed extract may even be useful as a preventative or therapeutic agent in Alzheimer's disease.
Grape seed extract solution led to less demineralization and more re-mineralization of cavities in one lab study. Since re-mineralization is an effective treatment that may stop or reverse early tooth decay, grape seed extract could play a beneficial role in oral health.
Directions for Use

Take 1 Welocity PinoStrong veggie capsule twice daily for maintaining good health, ideally on empty stomach before meals. For better results it should be taken with warm water.

Safety Information

Pregnant or lactating women are advised to consume herbal food supplements under the expert advice of a physician. Store in a cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Protect from sunlight.

Legal Disclaimer

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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