What Users Say

What Users Say

What Users Say

Mr. Shashidhar G. Iyer


I had a major brain surgery (cerebral infaac) on 10 July, 2016. I was in coma and on ventilator in critical condition. Based on my medical reports the healthcare experts who treated me told me I had 19 potential side effects including partial / full memory loss, audio-visual, speech impairments, body imbalance for lifetime etc and I was asked to be on BP tablets, blood thinners, cholesterol tablets, MRI scan every fortnight followed by consultations with the doctors at least for the next one year.

The paradigm shift happened when I was introduced to the Welocity Lifetime Genetic Program. My DNA report revealed some very interesting facts which gave me a renewed hope that I could reverse my health challenges completely based on the following findings:

I had Omega 3 deficiency. Being a pure vegetarian, it was common. I was a slow metabolizer for caffeine. With 95% carbohydrates I was almost on the reverse diet instead of the recommended 30% carbohydrates, 35% proteins and 35% fiber diet. My I/L6 gene test revealed predisposition and higher risk for inflammation. Apart from these, there were some more genetic traits that I had acquired from my parents. As a conclusion, I was told that since I was a slow caffeine metabolizer with acute Omega-3 deficiency, even small intake of Caffeine (found in Tea / Coffee) could trigger cardio vascular conditions and can ultimately lead to stroke. Secondly, since I had high predisposition risk of I/L 6 gene, it could be a potential massive triggering point for any emergency, any time.

After understanding and following the professional advice and the action plan given by the genetic counselors, I have almost been on zero therapies, zero medications or zero health issues over the last 8 months; whereas my medical reports said I was supposed to be impaired on total bed for minimum 9 months as a stroke recovery patient. I find Lifetime Genetics Program extremely useful and I am pleased to recommend this to everyone whom I care for.

Mr. Savio Douradao

Senior Pharma Professional, Mumbai

I am a senior executive associated with the Pharma industry for over 4 decades but I have always been a big fan of alternative therapies. When I heard about the 'Lifetime Genetics Program' of Welocity through a trusted friend of mine, I jumped at it and purchased the program online.

I had a few health issues but primarily I was having challenges with my weight and knee injury. My DNA report provided me a lot of vital information on my health condition and I was extremely delighted.

Firstly, as per my DNA report, I was found to be gluten intolerant and also digestion of caffeine was an issue. Welocity Nutrigenomics counselor beautifully explained the report to me and as per the recommendations, my gene diet plan recommended me that I should have Carbs: Protein: fats in 50:25:25 ratio. Though I find it slightly difficult to follow the diet plan to perfection I made sincere attempts to incorporate it and I must say I am implementing more than 50%. I was about 98 Kilos when I started the diet. I used to eat only chapattis (max 5 per day) and drink about 4 cups of tea and in spite of not eating too heavily I would never lose weight. Instead, if I missed my routine exercise I would gain weight. As per the diet, I stopped eating chapattis made from wheat, stopped consuming tea, deep fried food, sweets, milk and had a control on fiber intake as suggested in the diet plan. Now I am 90 Kilos. Losing 8 Kilos with the same exercise routine has given me a lot of relief. I am enjoying my rice too.

Secondly, my DNA report also indicated that I have a tendency to injure my ankles and knees. I have a meniscus rupture in my knee. Looking back at my dad, he too had hurt his knee cutting short a football career and my brother too has undergone arthroscopy for a meniscus tear. My son too has a tendency for hurting his knees. This input has made me make adequate precautions.

The DNA report also suggested that I need B12 and Vitamin D supplements for life. I always have been deficient in these to vitamins and so is my son. The 'Lifetime Genetics Program' of Welocity is superb. I got a lot of information at a reasonable cost just with my saliva sample. It's amazing. I have done the DNA test of my wife too.

Mrs. Rita R Ambradkar

Home Maker, Mumbai

My name is Mrs. Rita R. Ambradkar, aged 66 years. By the grace of God, I am fairly healthy and hence have not been taking any medicine for any particular disease. In fact, I do not wish to take medicine in my lifetime and sincerely pray I remain healthy. However, due to my age I was gaining weight and was 65.5 kgs. Considering my age, I was searching for the right way to lose my weight and feel good.

4 months back, my husband Mr. Ram gifted me Welocity Lifetime Genetics Program. I was excited with my DNA report and the subsequent diet plan that was quite interesting. Though I have not been able to follow it 100%, I still managed to lose 5.5 kg in just 4 months, and continue to maintain it, by making some simple changes in my food habits. Since I was found to be Caffeine intolerant, I am also avoiding Tea / Coffee and guess what, I am feeling refreshed and energetic. The personal lifestyle modifications based on my genetic report is an extremely interesting concept.

I thank the entire Welocity team, especially CMD Mr. Stan for introducing Lifetime Genetics program and Dr. Shweta Bathija, Nutrigenomics Counsellor-cum-dietitian for counseling and explaining my gene diet plan.

Mrs. Anthonette Niluvin Vincent

Ex-Corporate Employee, Mumbai

Hello. I am Mrs. Anthonette Niluvin Vincent. I wanted to feel healthy and positive and wanted to take charge of myself. When I came to know about the Lifetime Genetics Program of Welocity, I felt it was a great idea to know my genetic makeup and find out what are the changes I may have to do in order to live a disease-free life. I immediately decided to go for it and when I got my report and the counseling call, I followed what was told to me. I saw an instant change in myself, which has not only enhanced my energy levels but has also made me more confident. I have started feeling more upbeat and positive about myself. My face is now glowing and free of stress and marks. I look forward to make necessary changes in my lifestyle including my food habits and gain lot more eventually.

Mr. Anil Kumar Singh

Kandivali – Mumbai

DNA test of Welocity has personally helped me a lot. After I received my DNA report, my awareness about my own body drastically increased. I became more aware of various diseases which I may likely to develop based on my genetic code. After visiting the Nutrigenomics Counselor I got a targeted diet plan along with many simple lifestyle modifications based on my body type. Within the first month itself, I have reduced 10kgs. I am feeling energetic, lighter, refreshed and my reflexes have admirably increased. I thank Welocity for granting me guidelines towards a healthier and happier life.

Dr. Manoj Lokhande

Nair Hospital, Mumbai

Hi. Here is my personal experience regarding Welocity HistaGo. It is very effective in cough and cold. In this winter season my family has not taken any antihistamine or antibiotic.

Mr. Ramkrishnan Subramaniam

Executive & Business Coach - Mulund, Mumbai

My wife Seema and I had come for the counseling today. We had already received and read our DNA report but there were a lot of terms that we had not clearly understood. Ms. Riddhi Shah explained every parameter (phenotype) in a simple language which immensely helped us understand its significance. She co-related the report findings to our existing day-to-day lifestyle and suggested doable changes as appropriate. This ensured that we are not faced with any drastic changes which we may have found difficult to implement. She gave us a lot of simple yet useful tips like consuming flak seeds, drinking more water etc based on our DNA report. She was extremely patient in answering our queries which is the biggest trait of a successful counselor. All in all we had a wonderful experience and we will recommend Welocity Lifetime Genetics Program to our friends.

Mr. K S Gokul


I am young at 75. During both monsoon and winter season I used to experience bouts of severe bronchial attacks which used to end with Deriphyllin tablets or injections to overcome my asthmatic and bronchial bouts. But since this monsoon I have been regularly drinking HistaGo twice a day instead of my regular Tea / Coffee and as many as 6 times a day for three days during his asthmatic bouts. I never had to use Deriphyllin tablets or injections to recover from the problem. I am absolutely normal. Health benefits of Welocity wellness products are unquestionable. Just experience it.

Mrs. Suman Singh

Kandivali – Mumbai

The DNA test of Welocity has given me major relief from many problems I was suffering from many years such as gastric, burning sensation etc. After following the personalized diet plan given by the dietitian of Welocity based on my genetic report, I am relieved of my chronic problems up to 95%. I am on my path of complete recovery. I would like to sincerely thank Welocity for the same.