Team Nutrigenomics

Team Nutrigenomics

Team Nutrigenomics Counselors

Arnavaz Kollah

Chief Genetics Officer

Arnavaz Kollah is a geneticist who holds a double master’s degree in Human Genetics from Virginia Commonwealth University, USA and Life Sciences from University of Mumbai, India. She also holds a Diploma in Clinical Research Training from Academy of Clinical Excellence. Her passion and excellence in the field of genetics has been well recognized by the industry and she has been awarded various prestigious scholarships from J.N. Tata, R.D. Sethna Group and American Alumni Association.

Dr. Radhika Wagle

Bioinformatics Adviser

Dr. Radhika holds a Ph.D. degree in biochemistry and specialization in bioinformatics from Indiana University, USA. She brings in over 8 years of expertise from both academia and industry in the areas of biotechnology, genomics and strategic business development. She has five years of teaching experience as biotechnology lecturer in Mumbai University. Her industry experience in biotechnology MNCs involved bio-similar molecules like hyaluronic acid fermentative scale up production. At Indiana University, her research focus was novel enzyme prediction in meta-genomic sequences.

Lavina Cardoza

Nutrigenomics Counsellor & Nutritionist

Lavina holds a master's degree in Dietetics and Applied Clinical Nutrition with hands-on training in hospitals across advance diet therapy, nutritional assessments and biochemical basis of nutrition. She also has a degree in Biotechnology that involves the science of Genetics and its allied applications. She has participated in many research projects with various wellness experts and participated in mass awareness campaigns aimed at empowering school children about nutritional related disorders and their effective management. At Welocity she serves our esteemed ‘Lifetime Genetics Program’ customers with a smile, supporting them to coordinate their counseling sessions and address their Wellness Help Desk queries.

Languages: English & Hindi

Riddhi Shah

Nutrigenomics Counsellor & Nutritionist

Riddhi is an experienced Nutritionist and Wellness expert ever-ready to help you live a healthy life. During her over 10 years of work experience in effective lifestyle management, she has successfully helped numerous individuals live a holistic life which revolves around not just the physical but also mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. She is a Certified Diabetes Educator, Certified in Translational Nutrigenetics and a Certified Yoga Teacher. Holistic living is the need of the hour is her genuine conviction. Instead of quick fixes and crash diets which are just temporary, adopt simple, effective and result-oriented lifestyle modification is what she credibly advocates. At Welocity, Riddhi conducts extremely informative and effective counseling sessions for our valued Lifetime Genetics Program customers, creates targeted action plan that includes personalized diet plan and lifestyle modifications and attends to their wellness help desk queries.

Languages: English, Hindi and Gujarati


Nutrigenomics Counsellor & Nutritionist

Rina is a qualified dietitian and wellness expert with a Master’s Degree in Dietetics and Applied Nutrition. She is graduated in Biochemistry and has an Advanced Diploma in Food Science and Quality Control and has won merit in Research Methodology. Her expertise is in weight management, clinical nutrition and sports nutrition. With her love for food and passion for fitness, she strives to create fitter lives, inspiring everyone around her to experience and believe in the power of healthy living. At Welocity she serves our esteemed ‘Lifetime Genetics Program’ clients with a smile, helping them to understand their genetic report and creates targeted action plan that includes personalized diet plan and lifestyle modifications and attends to their wellness help desk queries.

Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi & Konkani

Rheya Doshi

Nutrigenomics Counsellor & Nutritionist

Rheya brings in her vast experience of over 18 years in the field of nutrition & dietetics. She is a post-graduate in food nutrition & dietetics and has a diploma in naturopathy with expertise in the field of weight loss, diabetes and child nutrition. She has served in various hospitals, clinics, preschools and wellness centers across Mumbai and has conducted several health awareness programs in the corporate sector. She has handled hospital kitchen and ICU patients for several years and is a firm believer of food as medicine with holistic approach towards health.

Languages: English, Hindi, Gujarati

Rohit Shah

Nutrigenomics Counsellor & Nutritionist

Rohit is a passionate nutrition & wellness advisor, certified genetic counsellor and a wellness coach. He has in-depth understanding of the foundation of whole-food nutrition and how it contributes to the prevention of illness and the promotion of optimal health. He is a specialist in how the building blocks of different foods affect the physiology and well-being of an individual based on their unique genetic profile. His advice on the targeted and personalized nutrition as well as epigenetics-lifestyle recommendation is extremely useful which helps in optimal functioning of the organs and body systems. Through his counselling sessions, he methodically evaluates and holistically addresses psychological well-being of people of all age.

Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi