Welocity Business Plan

Welocity Business Plan

Welocity Business Plan

Would you like to help people discover the power of their DNA and help them experience the joy of healthy living? Would you like to be a part of the trillion-dollar wellness industry by representing worlds' finest wellness products and genetics services? And, do you want to build a financially rewarding career in direct selling, one of the fastest growing industries worldwide?

If your answer to any ONE of the questions is YES, look no further. Welocity provides you a legitimate and sustainable alternative career with a level-playing field to perform and prosper as per provisions of The Direct Selling Guidelines 2016.


Associate with Welocity Genetics by simply registering online for absolutely FREE! There are neither registration / membership charges nor any joining fee, whatsoever.


Begin by signing up as a Preferred Customer(PC) : Any Indian citizen, irrespective of his / her age can sign up as a Preferred Customer of Welocity for absolutely free. Welocity does not charge any registration charges or membership fees whatsoever.

Buy Welocity Wellness Products and Services : As a Welocity Preferred Customeryou can buy Welocity Products and/or Services of your choice online and avail various promotional offers as announced by the company from time to time. Kindly note, as a Preferred Customer you can buy Welocity Products and/or Services only for your personal or family use and not for retailing. In other words, as a Preferred Customer you are not entitled to sell or refer Welocity Products and services to other customer and earn any kind of sales commission.

To Become an Independent Business Owner (IBO), Complete KYC Compliance : If you are an Indian citizen, aged 18 and above and a satisfied Preferred Customer of Welocity, you can apply to be an Independent Business Owner (IBO) of Welocity subject to submitting the following valid KYC (Know Your Customer) documents online:

  • PAN (Permanent Account Number)
  • Aadhar Card
  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Bank A/c Details and a Cheque Image
  • Agree to Welocity Contract Agreement: Code of conduct and code of ethics

First Purchase Volume (FPV): In order to avail various sales bonuses and rewards, you must be an activated IBO by virtue of buying Welocity Wellness products or Genetics services. Buying 6.25 FPV (Rs. 562.5) worth of Welocity Wellness products entitles you to get your Group PV credit. You can then buy Welocity Wellness Products or Welocity Genetics Program Packs, as per choice, starting 50 FPV up to 800 FPV. Kindly note, to benefit from Welocity business plan your Personal FPV must be minimum 50.

Re-Purchase Volume (RPV): Once you have a 50 Personal FPV, you can choose to repurchase Welocity Products and services that carry RPV. RPV will be considered in a 9-generation uni-level genealogy with dynamic compression to calculate Repurchase Bonus (RPB). 6.25 Personal RPV, every 28 days cycle is mandatory to earn RPB.



Welocity pays sales commission to its IBOs on fulfilling specific Personal Purchase Volume (Personal PV) as well as Group Purchase Volume (Group PV) as per the terms and conditions of Welocity Business Plan 20-21, which is as follows:

1. Personal Saving / Instant Retail Profit (IRP) Personally Save or Earn Instant Retail Profit up to 32.8% on all Welocity Wellness Products (WWP).
2. Direct Selling Bonus (DSB) Earn 20% to 22% Direct Selling Bonus on all Welocity LGP SKUs.
3. Group Matching Bonus (GMB) Upon qualification, earn lucrative GMB, from 10% to 12% on DP on every 50 Matching Group FPV till unlimited depth, subject to weekly cap based on your Personal FPV.
4. Front Line Bonus (FLB) 25% of the Group Matching Bonus of all Direct Referrals in unlimited width
5. Business Development Bonus (BDB) Earn BDD from Rs. 1,250 to Rs. 10,000 per week (i.e. 25% of self GMB starting Rs. 5,000 and multiples thereof up to Rs.40, 000 per week). BDB is applicable to IBOs with 200 Personal FPV only.
6. Re-Purchase Bonus (RPB) Personal RPV of 6.25 RPV is mandatory to be eligible for RPB for every 28 days cycle from the date of re-purchase. RPB is calculated on a base PV price of Rs. 90/-.

1G = 20%
2G = 8%
3G = 5%
4G = 5%
5G = 4%
6G = 4%
7G = 2%
8G = 2%
9G = 2%
7. Welocity Ranks & Rewards Cumulative Group PV with No Junior Ranks and No Time Limit.
Executive (200 Matching PV) Welocity Wellness Products worth Rs. 1490/-
Bronze (500 Matching PV)Zuvk Rose Gold Plated Wrist Watch (M / F)
Silver (2000 Matching PV) 50 Grams Silver Coin
Gold (7000 Matching PV)Welocity Genetics Program Worth MRP. Rs. 38,000/-
Ruby (20000 Matching PV) Welocity Genetics Program - Pack of 2 Worth MRP. Rs. 76,000/-
Platinum (50000 Matching PV) Welocity Genetics Program - Pack of 4 Worth MRP. Rs. 1,52,000/-
8. Luxury Car Bonus (LCB) for Diamond Achievers 5% of the company CV (Commissionable Volume) will be equally distributed amongst all the Active Diamond Achievers on a weekly basis up to Rs.15 Lakhs. (Active = 1000 Group PV Matching per month).
9. Dream House Bonus (DHB) for Double Diamond Achievers 2% of the company CV will be equally distributed amongst all the Double Diamond Achievers on weekly basis up to Rs.1 Crore.
10. Crown Diamond Royalty (CDR) 2% of the company CV will be equally distributed amongst all the Crown Diamond Achievers on a weekly basis without any cap.
11. Crown Ambassador Royalty (CAB) 1% of the company CV will be equally distributed amongst all the Crown Ambassador Achievers on a weekly basis without any cap.
# Pay-Cycle Closing 11.59 pm of every Wednesday
# Pay Out On Every Friday
# TDS Deduction 3.75%
# We-Wallet (We-Money) 5% (Can be used to Repurchase / Tools / Events)
Note: There are no administrative / handling charges whatsoever. Weekly commission below Rs. 100/- is automatically converted into We-Money.

Our efficient Support Team will serve you with a smile and our world class training and education system will empower every Welocity IBO to conduct their business successfully and profitably. Kindly note, there is no guaranteed or fixed sales commission as it is directly proportional to the individual's and team's efforts in selling Welocity Wellness Products and Genetics Services. While there is no free lunch for anyone, the potential to earn is huge, subject to reaching out to people and demonstrating our products and services.

For a detailed business presentation, kindly speak to the person who referred you to this web site and get started right now!