Creating Alternative Careers

Creating Alternative Careers


How the digital economy has affected your life?

Digital economy also referred to as the internet economy or the new economy is based on digital computing technologies. It is so entangled with the traditional economy that making a clear distinction may be harder. Digital economy has caused some kind of disruption in the way traditional businesses, financial transactions and the overall economy functions. While such disruptions are inevitable and they offer great benefits in terms of lower prices and newer / better services, they come with a few short term disadvantages too. Unemployment may be one of them. Unless you equip yourself with a set of new skills and adaptability to sail through such phase, you will find yourself in an unknown territory.


Welcome to the exciting world of alternative careers.

Like there is alternative to everything you do or choose in life, there is alternative to your career too. If you are finding it difficult to earn income due to increasing unemployment challenges, troubled global economy and disruptions in the financial world, here is the good news - alternative careers have gained much impetus in the recent past, especially after the arrival of Internet. It’s time you too seriously consider going down a different path from a traditional career, make a living by doing something that you would truly love and live a fulfilling life on your own terms by being your own boss. Alternative careers provide you truly a legitimate, sustainable and an exciting alternative career option.

Are you an employee, making your boss rich?

We are generally trained to go to good schools, score good marks and get a secure job. Firstly, there is no such thing called secure job anymore. Secondly, even if you have a job in hand, due to changes in statutory policies, changes in the technology and unprecedented pressure of the business environment people tend to quit or lose jobs far too early than expected. In addition, sales targets and deadlines, multitasking, erratic work schedule and never ending office politics make you wonder if you are on the right path. Being an employee is always considered a rat race with no real career prospects in spite of long years of service and loyalty. Most importantly, there is no time freedom, no job satisfaction and no real possibility to achieve our dreams. For most, their dream job becomes a nightmare sooner than later.

Are you a professional, earning linear income?

Generally, being a professional may appear much better than being an employee but long and stressful work schedules can completely drain you from your family and social life. Importantly you earn linear income purely on your own man hours and once you shut shop your income stops too. Considerable capital investment, financial risk and stiff competition can make self-employment insecure and not an exciting career options for many.

Have you been able to cope up the risk of running a business?

Businesses are not for everyone. Apart from huge capital investment and the ability to take financial risks, one must have necessary qualification, knowledge and domain expertise to run a successful business. Studies show that 80% of the starts up businesses do not even survive 1 full year. The success ratio of new businesses is extremely low. Complex statutory compliance, tax regime, cutthroat competition and scarcity of skilled manpower can run your business down.

So, is there a safe, risk-free and profitable alternate career option that does not require huge capital investment and yet can generate a fortune?

Well, there is! A career in direct selling provides an ideal option where anyone above the age of 18 with basic communication skills can start and run a legitimate, safe, risk-free and profitable business that is not only sustainable but can also be passed on to the next generation. Direct selling organizations offer quality products and services, provide great value for their products and services with demonstrations, money back guarantee and provide life changing education to their sales force that keeps them ahead of others.

If you are above the age of 18, you can start a part / full time career without any office, employees and infrastructure and get trained to be a professional direct seller. It simply requires you to possess strong work ethics, follow the industry code of conduct and daily action. Direct selling industry in India has already helped millions of people to build credible alternative source of income and generate direct and indirect employment.

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